Dobrodošli na internetske stranice vile "Petra i Sanja". Ovdje ćete pronaći sve informacije on našim apartmanima. Želja nam je  da provedete ugodne praznike u jednom od najljepših ljetovališta na Jadranu, u Novalji na otoku Pagu.

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Pag Island

Pag Island is on average 60 km long and  5 km wide with 270 km of well-indented coast. Pag's surface is 290 square km.

Beside coast indent Pag Island is known as one of the sunniest islands on Adriatic, with more than 2500 hours of sun during the year. Climate conditions on Pag is mediterranean. Pag is also well known for its sand beaches, best on whole Adriatic.

Pag island differs on its east and west coast. While from the west, from the continent side, it is naked, non indented and with steep cliffs (often stroke by cold wind from Velebit mountain, locally known as "bura"), on the east side Pag Island is gentle and green.

On island there are many fresh water springs and three sweet water lakes: Veliko blato, Malo blato and Kolansko blato.

Pag Island is well connected to the continent over the Pag Bridge on the south and with ferry boat line Prizna-Žigljen on the north.

On the west part of island touristic destinations are dominant. Those destinations offer variety of cultural, entertaining, sport and recreate events. Pag is also well known by its cultural and historical heritage, and specially famous by Pag's lace, Pag's salt industry, Pag's cheese and lamb meat.